Ertel’s Famous Butt Cream is a product used primarily for diaper rash, but works great on many other skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, surf rash, and chafed, chapped or dry skin.

Our product has been handmade by a family of pharmacists since 1890.

Ertel’s Famous Butt Cream can be ordered through the Order Butt Cream tab on this website.

Ertel’s Butt Cream is a formula that was originally developed by Charles Jacob and Mary Ligouri Ertel, who were the founders of Ertel’s Pharmacy in Maple Lake, MN around 1890. Since then, the formula has been passed down through the generations of Ertel Pharmacists. Ertel’s Pharmacy was most recently owned and operated by Thomas Ertel, Grandson of Charles and Mary. The pharmacy closed in 1995, but Tom has continued to make the famous Butt Cream and sell it other places locally.