Product Testimonials


“Ertel’s Famous Butt Cream thank you for making a fine product our 3 week old daughter had her diaper rash clear up immediately with using your miraculous cream.  Thank you for making the Zook family aware of this product!  Baby Frankie is very happy right now!”
Dr. Warren Zook- Chiropractor

“You have my professional recommendation, as I have seen it used successfully over a couple generations , including my daughters and their friends.”
Dr Michael J Smith MD, Buffalo, MN

“I’ve used this cream for years, and have always found it to correct the diaper rash, as well as other skin irritations. A good product!!”
Carol N.

“My daughter’s sore, diaper rash bottom is getting better each day. A little less red and swollen, and drying patches. I think it’s safe to say Ertel’s Butt Cream is awesome!”
Brenda P.

“This diaper rash cream is amazing!! I was ertels_butt_Creamfortunate to have worked with two Ertel family members, while I was a Pharmacy Technician in Annandale MN. I used it on both of my girls as babies. And we continue to use it to this day, for it has many uses besides diaper rash cream. Check them out!! :)”
Shannon V.

“This Butt Cream is no joke! I would recommend it to anybody! It has helped my little infants bottom so much as her antibiotics gave her the worst diaper rash beyond imaginable! It’s pretty much clear and we’re on day 5. All the prescribed pastes and creams burned her bottom and made her scream and cry with Ertel’s it’s gentle as ever and she does not make a peep! ((: Only problem I have is that it’s not sold in other locations. 10/10 ⭐”
Chelsey R.